Saturday, December 20, 2008

susan grabel

I had a chance to talk with Susan Grabel at the Mid America Print Council Conference in Fargo in October. Her work is based in sculpture, and following this she has made a unique series of monoprints from cast paper. I love how they celebrate the realistic feminine form, and the bold use of color.

Check her out! A very interesting artist, indeed.

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redchair said...

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In short, our concept for The Artist Challenge is ‘dare’ between artists. Example: How would a you portray the concept ‘Unrequited Love’ in a singular image or artwork? That was a tough one.

The challenge can be done in any style or medium the artist chooses. (Painters, Sculptures and craftsmen are all welcome.) Each member is given 30 days to render their concept. All their works are then posted in the specific theme gallery. The process is an extraordinary exercise in conceptualizing a subject and just great fun.

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Vikki North